​​​​​​​​​QualityStart OC for Early Learning Professionals

As an early childhood educator you play a vital role not only in the lives of the children in your care, but in the Orange County community as a whole. Parents trust you to care for, nurture, and teach their children in their first years. Research has proven that these early years are critical to a child’s future success and well-being. QualityStart OC recognizes the important role you play in the community.

QualityStart OC was established to recognize and support the quality of your programs and to connect parents to your services.

  • The QualityStart OC Network is a list-serv for information about upcoming events and professional development opprtunities. The QualityStart OC Network is open to all early learning professionals in Orange County, whether you work at a family child care home, faith-based, private, non-profit, state preschool, Head Start or other early learning program.
  • Professionnal resources including the QualityStart OC Inclusion Pathway for Directors​​​​​ and Teachers​​​​​ and a resource page to support better services for children with disabilities or developmental delays.
  • A professional development calendar witin formation about upcoming free and low-cost training opportunities (click on the Early Learning button), and a Menu of Services listing available fee-based training, coaching, and technical assistance.
  • QRIS (Quality Rating Improvement System). Programs in QualityStart OC QRIS receive support in meeting quality standards, training and technical assistance, and bi-annual program quality ratings information to share with families.
  • Information to share with parents and families, as you engage and partner with them to provide the best early learning experiences for their children.