​Understanding Your Child’s Development

Children grow and change so much in their early years. As a parent, it’s important to understand their development to help them reach their fullest potential so they can succeed at home, in school and in life.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s growth and development, there are a number of resources available to you and your family. First, you can talk to your pediatrician about your child’s behavior and cognitive abilities. Your doctor may refer you to other resources if necessary.

If you have questions regarding your child’s development, Help Me Grow Orange County offers parents a number of resources and services, including developmental screenings and a referral service that connects you to caregivers and other developmental services.

Your child’s teacher will also have insight into your child’s growth and development. Talk to him or her about what he or she has observed and learn about your child’s unique needs.

What You Can Do

Learn the signs and act early!

Kid Builder activities are an easy way to help your child grow in six areas: mind, words, body, relationships, safety, and health. All of these areas are important for your child’s healthy growth. Click here for the activities.

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If your child has been diagnosed with special needs, click here