• Can the provider provide references from families they have served?

  • Is the caregiver/teacher licensed?

  • Is the caregiver patient with parents who find it difficult to separate from their children?

  • Does the caregiver enjoy being with children?

  • Does the caregiver hug, rock, cuddle, talk, and sing to the children?

  • Is the caregiver knowledgeable about child development stages and trained in early childhood education?

  • Does the caregiver respect your family’s values and culture? 

  • Does the caregiver regularly inform you about how your child is doing?

  • Are you comfortable communicating with the provider about your child’s needs?

The program:

  • What is the adult-to-child ratio?
  • Does the center have a high staff turnover?
  • Are there opportunities for staff to learn more about early childhood education?
  • Are there opportunities for parents to get involved?
  • Is information shared about how you can support your child’s learning at home?
  • Is there transportation to and from school provided?
  • Does the provider’s discipline method match yours?
  • What is the daily routine? Is it too rigid? Too relaxed?
  • Do children have a balance of indoor and outdoor time?
  • Are the activities and materials age appropriate?
  • Are there plenty of clean materials and a variety of items for your child to play with?
  • When applicable, how does the provider accommodate children with special needs?

The environment:

  • Is the home or facility clean and safe?
  • Is the home or facility cheerful and interesting but not over stimulating?
  • Are there separate areas for diapering, sleeping, resting, and exploring?
  • Is there adequate indoor and outdoor space for children?